Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hall of Fame

Last week I mentioned I was going to start collecting photos of Koo & Poppet animals in their new homes. Here are the first few honorary members of Klub Koo (including some BIG kids)! Please keep these photos coming, I love getting them! I have a few orders going international this week so I'm excited to see pictures from far off places.

How far did YOUR Koo & Poppet travel?

(check the sidebar further down the page for new klub members)

Happy Maia with her namesake bunny

Ana Sofia in action with "Izzy"

Sadie with "Benedict" the Spook

"Lewis" snuggling Amir-Ali

Echo making acquaintance with "Echito Pepito"

Amie and her birthday "Chanchita"

Ivan napping with "Nilly"

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I think I was a koo poppet in another life. They make me so happy!