Thursday, June 24, 2010

A quick hello

Oh dear, I confess I have been on a vacay from Blog land. I will be back soon, but wanted to check in briefly and post a few photos.
Truth is, I have been busy eating, drinking (lemonade) and partaking in general merriment. Summer is here people! What are your warm weather plans?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Orange and Pink

Much to my delight, several Koo & Poppet critters have been featured in Etsy treasuries lately!
For those unfamiliar with Etsy, a treasury is a hand-picked collection of items on the site, selected by any Etsy user. It's basically just a way for a complete stranger to say "hey. i like your stuff. i put it in a group of my favourite things."
suffice it to say, it is a humble honour.

Spy Avril and Piquette in these colourful, if not clashing, treasuries:
visit the curator of this treasury here

and the gatherer of this one here

links to the treasuries (which eventually expire, because all good things must come to an end):

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you remember your life before the internet?

an early 90s version of Oregon Trail. Who remembers?!

I do.

I was in elementary school. I talked to my friends on phones with long spirally plastic cords. I played "Oregon Trail" on floppy disc (dot matrix display, yeah baby!) and practiced cursive writing in preparation for all those correspondence letters I'd send as an adult. Hey, wait a second....

And get this: my husband grew up in a community so rural that when he was young his family had a "party line", which is a telephone line that is shared by many households, but everyone has a different ring. So the phone would ring in his house, but it might go "bring-br-bring-bring" and be a call for June and Herb down the road, in which case you wouldn't answer. But if it rang "bring-bring-bring....bring-bring-bring" then GADZOOKS, PICK UP. PICK UP!!

I can only imagine the excitement.

But that is neither here nor there (actually it's there). I was talking about the internet. Which I now carry in the palm of my hand. Everywhere. I. Go.

Except today. Today I forgot my precious iphone at home. I just heard your collective gasp. Compose yourself people! My global connection has been temporarily severed and I have been suffering from phantom limb syndrome all day. My colleague at work jokingly allowed me to hold his for a spell, and another person posed the question: "What would happen if the internet just one day.....disappeared?"

Talk about pandemonium. Talk about Y2K/2012 times a Gigabyte!

And then......

No, but seriously, what would happen? Economically, culturally, socially, educationally?

An ancient building form constructed for the storage of "books". Historians refer to it as a "Library."
(Actually this is Louis Kahn's Exeter Library in New Hampshire)

I invite you to paint me some post-web era apocalyptic scenarios my bloggy friends. Or, if you wish, participate in the poll at the top-right hand side of this page!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mama in the City Giveaway

Little Sylvie and Bunny Baxter are up for grabs over at one of my favourite blogs, Mama in the City, which also happens to be celebrating its first anniversary this month!

The author of the blog, Andrea, is mama to baby Ben (well not so "baby" anymore....let's face it - our toddlers are growing up!) She is also a Labour/Delivery nurse and lives in the one and only Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrea is a great writer, her husband a talented photographer, and her son is one gorgeous little boy. That's right, all the ingredients of a must-read blog :-)
In fact, recently included Mama in the City in the top 30 Vancouver Mom blogs. And it's so fitting that we collaborate on a giveaway, because Andrea was the winner of the first ever Koo & Poppet giveaway last summer.

Oh - and she has coined a term that I LOVE: "Koo madness"

And all you have to do to enter the Koo & Poppet giveaway is leave a comment on her post here.
But make haste - the giveaway is only on for a few more days. But luckily Mama in the City is only a hop, skip and a click away......

good luck!