Thursday, September 30, 2010


I could look at these compositions by Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner all day.
From what I've read, these photos will be used in a recipe book by IKEA (available in Sweden only - oh, Scandinavia, you have such great style so please share it with the rest of us). This is an example of something I love about the internet....coming across little gems like these and posting them here on this blog. Who needs baked goods when you've got eye candy like this?

I love the orange peels in this one:

Do you have a favourite? There is more to see here.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fox and Bear like sweaters too


Put away your whites and start sipping Chai Latt├ęs - Autumn is knocking at the door and wants to come in for Banana Loaf (and judging by the amount of brown bananas in my freezer, it's gonna be a LONG season people). The kiddies have stuffed their pencil cases, the forecast calls for rain, and I officially don't care whether or not I have a sun tan anymore.

But you know, I don't really mind that summer has come to an end for now. I like Halloween and pumpkin pie and crunchy leaves too much to mourn the warm season for any length of time. I love that day, the Equinox, when the season officially changes and the sun's passage is marked in the sky. You notice a chill on the breeze, less people at the beach on a Sunday, and a general golden hue. You know a familiar change has come, persistent in its subtlety. An ending dependant on a beginning, and a beginning dependant on an ending.

Welcome Fall, and all your cozies.