Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonderful Winter Woolies and Westcoast Waffles

This is how January feels on the Westcoast:
(collage by ZukZuk)

But luckily, I have found some not-so-dreary Westcoast creations that will warm the body and soul.
My friend Beatriz makes gorgeous hand-knit cowls in Vancouver, BC. I practically live in mine.
To see the entire lucky-14 collection, go here.

Ahhhhh, behold my latest obsession. Also Vancouver-based, Granted Clothing has taken the chunky sweater to new heights. I was doing REALLY well with a new personal conviction to stick to a meager clothing budget. That is, until Granted came into my life. I haven't actually leapt off the deep end yet, but I am oh so tempted....

And finally, to warm the soul:
Strawberry and Banana Buckwheat waffle with Okanagan apple maple syrup
p.s. That waffle was my lunch today. Special occasion, you ask? A pick-me-up for a case of the Monday/January blahs? No and no.
I will tell you how it came to be my lunch.
A certain kind of hunger has taken over my usually tame appetite. An insatiable hunger that causes even the dormant carnivore in my vegetarian self to emerge, desperate to chow down on some meat! The kind that causes cravings that cannot - MUST NOT - be ignored!! Today it was waffles. Tomorrow it might be Chimichangas. Who's to say? And after all of that topping and syrup.....I was still hungry....
So perhaps the "big news" I alluded to last year now comes as no surprise....
I am expecting a baby!


Unknown said...

Yeah! Welcome back and congratulations too! How many weeks are you now? Hope that waffle hit the spot!

lucky_14 said...

i knew it! congratulations.
and thanks for the mention. :)

Echo said...

Congrats Sarita and (growing) family!!

I had a feeling but wasn't positive yet..

Can't wait to meet the new little one!!!

Koo and Poppet said...

THanks ladies!
I'm 12 weeks....still a little cautious though because I had a miscarriage in September....but I'm also optimistic!

Deb said...

I suggest the following... west coast with a Mexican twist: Wake 'n Bacon waffle at west coast waffles: cheddar, monterey jack cheese, maple bacon, side of sour cream and salsa.

SeaBlush said...

Congratulations Sarah!!! So exciting. I am so happy to hear the great news :)