Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Molly and the Bamboletta Auction!

Baby Molly

On Christmas Eve 2010, in my hometown of Victoria B.C., the Campbell family was given some very scary news about their 4-week-old baby girl, Molly. At such a young age, she was diagnosed with leukemia and was rushed to Vancouver Children's Hospital where she will spend the good part of a year, if not more, receiving life-saving treatments.

Molly's story has touched so many people. Local businesses and individuals have initiated fundraising events to support the Campbell family as they provide round-the-clock care for Molly and continue to raise their other four children, who are all under the age of six.

One event that I would like to highlight here is an online auction hosted by the wonderful Christina at Bamboletta Dolls. If you don't yet know about Bamboletta Dolls, you might want to! Christina is auctioning off some of her own coveted Bamboletta creations, but in addition, she put out the call to her many fans to contribute their own handmade items for children (or dolls!).

I've donated a Koo & Poppet bunny to the auction (Milly, who else?) so please go and bid on her or any of the other handmade items knowing that all proceeds will be going to a very worthy cause! You can also read Molly's story and make a secure donation on her website here.

A Bamboletta Doll

Take me to the auction!

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