Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Year of Koopoppeting!

Big news, big news! Koo & Poppet turns 1 this month.

[Insert Kooriotous poppet fanfare here]

To commemorate this event, I have decided to make a monumental Koo. One that is the King of Koos, nay, the KING KONG of Koos! It will be so large I will need to use 100 of the 250 bags of stuffing I now have stored in the crawlspace.

No. Seriously now. Let's do something much more practical, but celebratory all at the same time. Let's have a sale! Until June 1st a selection of items in the Koo & Poppet shop will be 50% off. And if you haven't been by the shop in a while, don't miss out - there are several new designs exclusive to 2010. How about Gary? Have you met Gary???

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported Koo & Poppet over the last year. I'm so grateful for the encouragement, the comments, the feedback, the spreading of the word.....and in some cases even the slave labour! *



[*Last year, just as I was about to drown in the tidal wave that was the Christmas rush, I called upon my friends and they rallied to help. My parents offered us their empty downstairs room and my dad organized some folding tables and made triangle sandwiches. One by one, male and female, more than a dozen of my closest peeps showed up to assist however they could; cutting patterns, tying ribbon, assembling hang tags. I paid them in licorice and argyle socks. I don't know how I would have filled every order in the month of December without their help (needless to say, I am already preparing for this year). Also needless to say, I have the world's greatest friends.]


A Colour a Day said...

Yeah!!! Happy Birthday K&P.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Congratulations to you! I'm so glad that I found Koo and Poppet! This is a wonderful blog and you have wonderful products!

Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Happy first! I found this blog when it was still pretty fresh and have loved all the stories!