Friday, May 21, 2010

Then and Now

This is what Friday nights used to look like (circa 2007):

Left to right: Haley, Nicole, Sarah, Whitney, me, Andrea, Roxanne  
And here is what they look like now:

At least one of us is in heels!

(And note that wine is a fixture, past and present). Ironically, I think the phrase "Put on your dancing shoes" is more applicable to Friday nights with Sadie.

The only photo missing from this essay is one of Scott and I sleeping on the couch after Miss Fancy Feet has gone to bed :-)

Have a great long weekend everyone!


andrea said...

sarah, such cute photos! It is so funny, I have recently taken photos of Pilar in my heels, I can't keep her out of my closet. I love having a girl, don't you!? I'll post the photos soon to her blog. what is new with you, other than running the koo and poppet headquarters???

Cheryl Lynn said...

Such wonderfully cute family fun. And you ladies look positively lovely and like you're really enjoying yourselves. Isn't life good?

Have a great weekend, my dear.