Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liam goes spelunking

photo: Michelle Loewen

Can you picture it? Me, sitting at my sewing table, watching a Koo & Poppet thingy come closer to life with every ounce of stuffing, taking a good long look at each one's facial expression before determining an appropriate name. After the naming comes the tricky part: getting their "likes" and "dislikes" just right. In Liam's case, he likes caves and dislikes getting stuck and, in fact, further to that.....

"You read it here first folks, Liam is a serious cave nut. He loves exploring the dark depths of cavernous places. (Well, that's what he told us to write. However, his friends will tell you that the real reason he likes going in caves is because it's a good excuse to wear a headlamp, and Liam thinks headlamps are the bomb)."

Needless to say, these little critters come into being with no shortage of character, even if it only exists in my imagination. So perhaps you can imagine my utter delight when my new friend Michelle, who is also a brilliant photographer, kindly took it upon herself to photograph Liam in his element, headlamp and all.

A photo essay of his entire spelunking adventure (Liam reads maps, who knew?!) lives here on Michelle's blog. Please have a peek and browse through Michelle's portfolio if you're so inclined, I promise you'll be smitten with her work!


Unknown said...

haha this is soo cute!! Little Liama had fun!

wow her work is on another level!!! Breathtaking!

Unknown said...

That is pretty cute! Love to hear about their little adventures!