Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miss Popular

I am honoured to see Cute Bunny Milly featured in another treasury on Etsy!
Thanks to Samy for including her, she is most flattered :)
You can see larger images of the whole collection on Samy's blog here.


Samy said...

It is my pleasure, doll! Milly is precious. ^.^

Ana Camamiel said...

Hi! This is great, and you are going to be even more popular, i´ll tell you why.
I love the things you make, and since i´ve started to follow your blog and i received a blog award, i decided to give it to you too.... you can pick it here (if you want to, of course):

Cheryl Lynn said...

Congratulations to you. Your art is fabulous and very deserving of the exposure.

Much continued success to you!

Roger Whiting said...

Love the bunnies! I must "Favorite" you on etsy :)