Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exhibito "A"

I'm not exactly sure if "exhibito" is the Italian word for "exhibit" but it's close enough and that's where these sextuplets are off to - Italy!
I present to you "Claudio".
Likes: bike rides
Dislikes: flat tires

And yes. Those are linen carrots. On a bunny's tummy. How long do you think it took me to decide I needed THAT fabric? Umm, like negative 2 seconds.

"BOLOGNESE and MUSEUMS and GELATO and FASHION, HERE WE COME!" they squeal from within their luxurious bubble mailer. As soon as their voyage is complete, these bunnies will be available online at Ecohandmade.it! I will post more about this fantastic site in the coming weeks.
Catania, Italy

So here you have it, the newest resident of the Forest of Misfits. Claudio has moved into a burrow right next door to Tuesday, and Milly is showing him around. The welcoming committee consists of Elliot, Baffin and Weasel McBeasel. And those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with Koo & Poppet - permission granted to consider the author of this blog insane.

The Koo & Poppet spring collection is well underway, and I will be posting more designs over the next few weeks. I'm so excited to unveil the 2010 fabrics!!


The Franglaise said...

Ma che buone notizie! Congratulations on the new "exportation" of Bunnies. Claudio is so cool. I love him!

Unknown said...

So lovely! I love the fabric choice for those bunnies! I was in Victoria last night and tucked my nephew into bed with his Koo and Poppet. It was so sweet.

Unknown said...

oooh how exciting .. global traveling misfits!!!yay!!
That's exciting! well if you are insane I'm right alongside you.. I think they are brilliant!
Thanks for your particularly sweet comment re my wee birdies! It was lovely to have you in my nest! Hmm. I need to see more of your people so had to follow so I won;t miss any more of their adventures!
Ciao!!! Helen ( ooh I am so Italian!)

It's just a Monday said...

Ahhh what an awesome blog and so much fun!

These little misfits are so cool :)


Megan Coyle said...

Those bunnies are too cute. Love the carrot fabric you used for their bellies.

Shirley said...

OOH! Wonderful, Sarah! I love these sweet bunnies..and yes, that linen carrot fabric is wonderful. Can't wait to hear more about that wonderful site...I'm excited for your bunnies..wow, Italy! Fantastico!