Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a fabulous GIVEAWAY!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a BIG FAT KOO!

The brains behind Big Fat Hen (that would be Emily & Lee) and the brains behind Koo & Poppet (that would be me) have come together to present to you, dear readers, a totally spectacular GIVEAWAY. Emily and I got to talking, and since hens lay eggs which in turn are delivered by bunnies at a certain time of year, we thought HOW ABOUT AN EASTER TREAT?

Here is your chance to win a coveted Big Fat Hen baby blanket with a coordinating Koo & Poppet bunny. Think nursery, think style, think cozy little baby.

There are two sets to choose from:

Combo #1: Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels
Bunny Bronson is made from a navy blue natural wool and has white corduroy ears and white stitching.
Ben's Wheels is a multi-functional blanket designed to fit perfectly in a stroller, car seat, or bassinet. Warm, stylish and plush, it measures 29" x 31".

Combo #2: Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom
Bunny Rosalie is made from a natural grey wool and has cream corduroy ears and cream stitching.
Ruby Blossom is a multi-functional blanket designed to fit perfectly in a stroller, car seat, or bassinet. Warm, stylish and plush, it measures 29" x 31".

Here are the rules for entering:

Leave a comment, specifying the following:

1. Which combination set you prefer (Ruby/Rosalie or Ben's Wheels/Bronson)

2. Your favourite item from Big Fat Hen's online shop and your favourite item from Koo & Poppet's online shop

3. Tell your friends! Post a link to this giveaway either on your blog, twitter page, or facebook page, and leave us your link in the comments field.

The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, March 24th. A winner will be announced on Thursday, March 25th.

Thanks for entering and good luck!


Cherry Blossoms said...

Oh, Oh, Oh! Am I first to comment? I LOVE the Ruby/Rosalie Combo!

I love the Bailey Dot from BFH and I love the Cute Bunny Milly from K&P!


Thanks for the giveaway!

CherryBlossomsDesign AT hotmail


Here I am! I'm entering the contest - weeeeee! I've never won anything in my life, but I can feel it. It's my time - MY TIME!

OK, I hope I'm doing this right. here is the link to my blog post with your links:

Now I am off to also put a shout-out on my FB :)


Dang, I knew I forgot something! I am deeply, madly in love with the Ruby/Rosalie Combo. Passionately!

My fave item from the Big Fat Hen is the Georgia Flower Blanket - LOVE.

My fave misfit from the Koo & Poppet store is Avril Bunny. (Though Mignon is always #1, but I didn't see her there).

Deb said...

Ruby Rosalie!

I heart Sienna Garden from Big Fat Hen (naturally)! I have always had a thing for Piquette from Koo and Poppet, she's so cute!


Fun Fun Fun!

Katy said...

I like the Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom!

From BigFatHen I like the Priya's Patch blanket!

From Koo and Poppet I like the
Custom Letter Pillow!

I tweeted about this!!

thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

Susana said...

They're lovely together! I like the Zoe Petal (among many others) and love, love, adore the Pink and cream Pig from your shop.
Thanks, and Happy Easter!

A Colour a Day said...

1. Ruby/Rosalie
2. Laine Drop Mini @ Big Fat Hen & Custom Letter Pillow @ Koo & Poppet

mar_e78 said...

-the ruby blossom blanket from BFH
-the Alphebet pillows or Milly Bunny from K&P

Happy easter to all and good luck !

I found it hard to pick one item from each designer, they're all so wonderful and want them all for my daughter!
now on to facebook :)
<3 Marion

Beth said...


I love Ruby/Rosalie.

Fave item from Big Fat Hen's online shop: Ruby Blossom blanket

Fave item from Koo & Poppet's online shop: custom initial pillow


Anne said...

I love both because I have boys and a girl, but I am veering more towarrds the Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels. cute black bunny!
annemolino at hotmail dot com

Anne said...

from big fat het I liked Ava Ribbon & from koo & poppet I liked Odd Bunny - Miette

Anne said...


jamaise said...

Well, I asked the expert on bunnies, and he really likes them both, but Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels makes him jump around and get silly :)

At Big Fat Hen - um everything! I love the blankets but it's so hard to pick a design - how about Jungle James :)

From Koo and Poppet, again we like everything, but we really love
Cute bunny Ruby. Plus she's standing on "Now We Are Six" which makes her even more perfect. She might start liking thunder storms if she came to live here :) If not we'd keep her safe during them.

Shared at Twitter -

Crossing fingers now :) Thank you to Cherry Blossoms for sending me this way!

Emily B said...

Ooh! I love these! The Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom would be my pick.

At Big Fat Hen, I love the Sienna Garden blanket. At Koo & Poppet, the Cute Bunny Milly has my heart!

I tweeted -

ebickell at hotmail dot com

Natália Rosin said...

Hi! Of course I want to enter this giveaway! So...
I prefer Ruby/Rosalie, because I have a little girl.
My favorites items are: Blanket Laine Drop and Black Bear Riley.


M.M.E. said...

Your work is so adorable! I just wanted to let you know that.

Unknown said...

I think I'd want the Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom blanket. My niece would love them, and would play very gently with them. =D

Favorite K&P would be Black Bear Liam, and favourite from BFH is the Little Monkey blanket.


Shirley said...

OOOh, what a wonderful giveaway idea, Sarah! I am happy to enter -
let's see..
1) Ruby/Rosalie is my combo favorite
2) On Big Fat Hen's shop- I love the Ava Ribbon blanket
3) On KooandPoppet shop - I love both Cute Bunny Avril and Cute Bunny Milly. I think equally - they are awesome!

here is the link on my blog about your lovely giveaway - I hope you don't mind my pinching your photo so that I could show your cute creations. Please let me know if you'd prefer I take the photo off. Sorry I didn't ask first! But my, how sweet it looks on the blog. : )

Wishing you a great weekend and thank you for the chance at your giveaway. I hope you've been well! S

Shirley said...

Oops - here is the link...!

Thanks Sarah!

Unknown said...

1) Love the Ruby/Rosalie combo.
2)Love Ruby Blossom from BIG FAT HEN
3)Love Cute bunny Milly from KOO&POPPET
Yay fun! Good idea ladies.:)

Kim L. said...

i love the Ruby/rosalie combo!!!!

from Big Fat Hen... I love the Priya's Patch Blanket! I love love it!

from Koo and Poppet... I am in love with Sven!!! I love everything from the embroidered butterfly to his pants! I love his little story! he is my favorite for sure!!!!!

lexylou said...

Yeah!!! This is so awesome Sarah!
I love the Ruby/Rosalie combo for my little London!
I facebooked this giveaway my dear! Hope you get lot's a good traffic coming your way!
My favorite thing from you right now is Milly, but my heart belongs to Mignon......
From BFH I love the ruby blossom blanket!

shan {missy melly} said...

These are gorgeous!!!! The Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom are my fave.

BFH.... I love Sienna Garden blanket.

KP.... I love Cute Bunny Milly

Clare Tea said...


I love the ruby/rosalie combo~

As for the fave items, I like Sadie's swans from Big Fat Hen and and Cute bunny Silvie best. \
Here is my tweet!

Thanks you for the giveaway~

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

elaine said...

I love the sweet Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom set!

Elaine R

elaine said...

From Big Fat Hen-love Sadie's Swans Blanket.
From Koo & Poppet- love Custom Letter A Pillow.

Elaine R

babalisme said...

Ruby Rosalie of course since I have a baby girl!

babalisme said...

I live Zoe petal mini frm bigfathen And Lenore here

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I love this: Ruby/Rosalie
My favourite item from Big Fat Hen's online shop is: Sadie's Swans blanket and my favourite item from Koo & Poppet's online shop is Odd Bunny Chance


Ana Belén R.M

Nupur said...

How sweet! My favorite set is Ben's Wheels/Bronson.

My favorite product from Koo and Poppet is the Odd Bunny - Miette. So adorable.

My favorite product from Big Fat Hen is the Dawson's Diggers bib- the design is very cute.

nupur.kittur AT gmail DOT com

erin, maker of chimes said...

1. Combo #1: Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels
2. Laine Drop Mini & Custom Letter Pillow
3. Tweeted (@BuffaloGalsSoap)

Izzy said...

So cute! I like the Ruby/Rosalie Combo!
From BigFatHen I like the Laine Drop blanket and from Koo And Poppet I like Pink and cream Pig!

JaMean said...

I LOVE the Combo #1: Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels.

My favorite item from Big Fat Hen is the Laine Drop Blanket. From Koo & Poppet I LOVE Black Bear - Lenore. Black Bears are my FAVORITE!


permanentcloud said...

Ruby/Rosalie definitely! :)

the georgia flower blanket from big fat hen is lovely!

posting something to my blog!


tera said...

I don't have kids of my own, but I love your critters!
I really like the Rosalie/Ruby combo.
Maybe I can talk my brother into having more kids...? :)

Sarah F said...

I adore the Ruby and Rosalie combo.

After spending time poring through both K&P and BFH websites, I've concluded (I think) that Odd Bunny Chance is my favourite (second to Ruby of course) and the Priya's Patch blanket is for me!

Thanks Sarah and BFH!!!

Samy said...

I adore them both, but I think I'd pick the Ruby/Rosalie combo, just because it's more girly. :)

I love Big Fat Hen's "Sadie's Swans" blanket. How precious!

My favorite item from Koo & Poppet's would have to be Cute Bunny Milly. I just want to snuggle her!

I tweeted about this fantastic giveaway here-

Hana said...

What a great giveaway! I would choose the Ruby/Rosalie combo since I have 2 little girls that would love it!!

I love the Masons Monkey blanket from BFH and the cute bunny Sylvie from K&P.

I tweeted!!

Thanks for the great giveaway!! LOOVE it! Crossing my fingers!

MomTog Diaries

Shelby said...

These are so cute! I love Ruby and Rosalie :)

srobinson8561 at

Nikki said...

With three girls, I'd have to say the Ruby/Rosalie combo.

From BFH...LOVE the Georgia Flower Blanket, and not just because I have a daughter Georgia!

From K&P...LOVE Piquette...and I know my girls would too!

As for posting and tweeting etc....I sadly have no idea how to do ANY of that, but I am a fan of yours on facebook...does that count?

For a number of years I really said...

What a great idea to join is so great to see local entrepreneurs doing such great things.

I like Ruby - only because it is more girly. Ben's wheels is a hard one to pass up!

The tweet is out...hope it helps with traffic ;)

momtoem said...

My fave is the Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom!

From BigFatHen I like the Priya's Patch blanket
From KooandPoppet shop I like the Cute Bunny Avril

Unknown said...

From BigFatHen I like the Zoe Petal Blanket. And from KooandPoppet I like Cute Bunny Milly, you should make more bunnies they are adorable!

lin said...
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Andrea said...

They are both so cute! I think I prefere the ruby/rosalie combo

Andrea said...

ON big fat hen my favorite is the priya's patch blanket

On koo and poppet my favorite is the black bear lenore :)

Grace Wong said...

thanks for the giveaway, I love the ruby/rosalie combo!

Grace Wong said...

I love the Ava Ribbon blanket from big fat hen and the Cute bunny Sylvie from koo & poppet!

Grace Wong said...

I also blogged!

Lily said...

The Ruby/Rosalie combination is ever so cute!
From your shop, I love Cute Bunny Milly and from Big Fat Hen, I love the Priya's Patch blanket.
Here is my tweet:

Kerrie said...

1. I prefer Combo #1: Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels!! very cute

2. My favorite item from Big Fat Hen's online shop is the Little Monkey's Blanket and my favorite item from Koo & Poppet's online shop is Odd Bunny Chance

3. Tell your friends! Posted a link to this giveaway on Facebook!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1303963792

The Prickly Pinecone said...

I would love the Rosalie/ Ruby Blossom duo.

From the big fat hens online shop I love the Jungle James Blanket. From Koo and Poppets online shop I love kollector koo- Pink and Cream Pig!


Art and Sew Forth said...

2.Jungle James blanket and Black Bear
3.Tweeted:And will do more! (beyond_5)
Awesome giveaway of cute little stuffies. Ends tonight at 11:59pm!!
27 minutes ago via HootSuite

mommydawn said...

Love love love the Ruby/Rosalie duo.

Fave Koo & Poppet is Piquette!

Fave Big Fat Hen is the Priya's Patch blanket!

Facebook link:!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=851695194

Great idea!

Anna said...

So hard to choose one combo! I'm thinking I love the 2nd---the first is darling too though!

From the shops I LOVE:

Priya's Patch Blanket
Cute Bunny Avril

You guys are too talented!

Crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

I love the Ruby Rosalee combo.

I love the Sam Savana blanket from Big Fat Hen


Pink and Creampig is so adorable!


TheOutspokenYam said...

I'd love Ruby/Bunny Rosalie.

Favorites are Odd Bunny Miette and Ava Ribbon Blanket.

Posted here:

ilovebabyquilts said...

I like Ruby better, but I like Ben's wheels better, so I guess i'm half and half!

I like the custom letter pillow from Koo and Poppet and the Bailey Dot from BFH!

windycindy said...

I adore Bunny Rosalie and Ruby Blossom! Many thanks, Cindi

CarzooCritters said...

Combo #1: Bunny Bronson and Ben's Wheels

LOVE that one although it was a very hard choice, both are wonderful and well made=) So cute!

BIgfathen- I loveee the avery leaf blanket!!! So adorable!

kooandpopper- Love the cute bunny Sylvie! adorable!


carzooCritters at gmail dot com