Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the season for giving away!

The irresistible City of Dionne blog is hosting a Koo & Poppet giveaway this week!
You can enter for a chance to win Avril the bunny.
Likes: making stuff
Dislikes: setbacks

Avril is very creative. She was just born that way.

Good luck to those who enter!

::Koo & Poppet giveaway::

Thanks Dionne!


Dionne said...

Avril is so cute, the whoever wins is very lucky!

Shirley said...

Sarah! I am SO very happy to be back to visit..it's been too long and I see that you have been amazingly busy..it is great to see all of your creations. Truly you are so talented..the pillows are adorable (the letters and the new bunny versions). Wow, neat that you chose the word for this week - which was a tough one for me! Anyway, I wish you, your hubby and baby girl a fabulous holiday ahead..you deserve lots of goodies and peace! : ) Thanks for being a gem to me this year!