Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our new best friend

taken with iphone

People, people, people. WE HAVE A WHIPPET! I have been longing for one of these dogs since I was seven or eight and there was one in my neighbourhood. This little lass is more like a deer than a dog, but it's just her whippetish ways. She's nine months old and is still adjusting to her new home (our cat is going PLEASE LET THIS BE A BAD DREAM). 
I took her for a walk today (pushing Sadie in the stroller) and I ended up carrying the dog 50 percent of the time while I tried to push the stroller with one hand. I know I got some sideways looks from a few drivers. 
So her name. Well, we're still pinning that down. Here are a few that are in the running:

1. Coconut to be called "Coco"
2. Milah
3. Milly
4. Winnie (the wayfaring whippet)

Got any suggestions? I'd love to hear them. 
I'm sure there will be more pictures to come....


Mônica said...

Oh, she is beautiful! Such a sweet face! I like the name "Coconut" (it matches her color) and the nickname "Coco" even more!

PaisleyJade said...

She is beautiful! I love Coconut and Milly! I also took our 7 month old whippet and baby in stroller for a walk for the first time yesterday by myself... quite awkward! I didn't pick the dog up but I should have! Can't wait to hear more about your whippet adventures!

Shirley said...

She is SO beautiful...what a lovely, lovely dog. Love Whippets!! Gosh, all of your names are super..but I think I've gotta go with the group and say Coco, too...she is just a darling!! Congratulations and hope she gets more used to the strolls...or you will have one super-buffed arm! : )

andrea said...

sarah, she's gorgeous, what a gentle soul. have you decided on a name yet? I love coco. how is koo and poppet doing? i had a look at your etsy store, and i love them all, well done sarah! i would love to see you and sadie anytime you are back in vancouver, or maybe sergio and i will try to come over to victoria soon. i sent you an invite to pilar's first birthday, i'm sure you can't come, but on the slight chance you are town, you are welcome to come by. i can't believe she's a year already! how is sadie doing? talk to you soon, andrea xo

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

SO cute!!