Monday, January 9, 2012

five months. just like that.

Amelia is gettin' her chub on.

I am hanging on tightly to her babyness, as this second time around, I know just how fleeting a phase it really is.
sure, i still curse the 2 a.m. siren song from her crib as I stumble through the darkness. And of course I don't mean "siren song" as in enticing or appealing. I mean "siren song" as in SIREN.

Last night there was some confusion. The kind of confusion that can only be caused by being the over-tired parents of an infant. Usually by 2 or 3:00, Amelia is sleeping in bed with me. But last night, little Sadie found her way to our room first and jumped into bed. I woke up around 3:40 and heard a baby crying. Scott was pacing our room, half asleep, trying to locate the source of the crying. I became confused. Where was Amelia? What time is it? Scott was clearly very confused. The lights came on. Head-count in bed. Where's the baby? WHERE'S THE BABY?!?!! Oh! Oh. She's in her crib, she's in her room. She's fine, she's fine. Scott please go get her.

So he brings her back to me and we snuggle in. I begin to drift back to sleep. WAIT!! My eyes snap open. Where is Scott? He's not back in bed yet which can only mean one thing......FRIDGE RAID. Except he has a blood test in the morning and is supposed to have been fasting since last night.

"SCOTT!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I yell into the dark stillness of the house. (I don't really even have to ask. I can practically hear his esophagus working).

"HAVING A DRINK OF MILK," comes the reply.


"WHY??............Oh. Dammit!"

In PEI they call midnight snacks "bed-lunch". Scott has been a bed-luncher for as long as I've known him. The way things are going lately, I figure we might as well just become a nocturnal family.

We could have pet owls.

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Acia said...

lol I can completely relate to the middle of the night confusion... I remember when Finnley was a few months old I woke up in a panic, frantically but deliriously searching for her under my pillow, on the floor, in the hamper, etc., only to realize she had actually slept longer than usual in her crib. I can imagine that having two kiddos to keep track of could only add to the confusion :-)