Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The light snow brings

HELLO Snow Day!

We attempted to drive down to Victoria at the usual time this morning, only to find once we reached the highway that traffic was at a standstill and winter is in fact still here. So we turned back for home but not before stopping at a bakery for croissants and lattes :)

Our house normally doesn't get a huge amount of natural light suitable for interior photos, but I couldn't miss this opportunity today.....the white stuff outside brings all the light in!

So Scott is getting some work done at our dining table and I have changed out of my work clothes and into some lulus and I'm just generally enjoying the cozy factor. Sadie and I had some eggs and toast for lunch and now she's toting her doll stroller up and down the stairs. I love how she always picks the safest of activities. Time to sew up some bunnies....and then play in the snow!

(p.s. our coffee table is an old 70s relic that we found abandoned out in our shed when we moved into our house. Resurrection!!! I think it has a Danish mod vibe, but maybe it's actually just hideous.)


lucky_14 said...

Your place is looking great.

Deb said...

The house looks fab!! We are missing Sadie this week! Can't believe Victoria has so much snow! It's sunny and warm in Tofino!

Unknown said...

Ooh love the pieces that are in your home.