Thursday, November 4, 2010

Re-Inventing the School Photo: Stomping Ground

Now THIS is what a school portrait should look like:

Photo source: Stomping Ground

But instead, most of us grew up with school photos like this:

Ahhhhhh, the cloudy background. Let us take a moment to revel in its glory.

Yes, that is yours truly in 1985. Woooot! Let's hear it for '85!!
Miss Chubs! Killer bangs, as usual. (and no, I did not go to a private school. I just liked my plaids, okay?)
It appears Renee Zellweger took a cue or two from my pursed smile. Copycat.

Well I am hear to shout from the rooftop that Stomping Ground has really saved the day when it comes to school portraits.
Based in Brooklyn, NY, these peeps are on to something. I love the commitment in these photos! Just look at this warrior's clenched fist. Now that's passion.
Photo source: Stomping Ground

I first discovered Stomping Ground in a summer issue of Print Magazine and I just had to share with you.
Aaron Kenedi writes:
"If ever there was a visual trope in need of an overhaul, the school portrait is it. Perhaps you have overcome the agony, shame and abject horror of having your most awkward years captured for posterity, but 30 years later, I still have not. So when I heard about the photography studio Stomping Ground, my heart swelled for all those kids who will be spared such lingering wounds. The big idea at Stomping Ground? Let kids be kids. Let them celebrate themselves how they choose, in all their goofy, adorable, sweet, funny, and enviable glory. Let them laugh and dance, wearing the Batman costume or the princess tiara. Kids don't get to be kids for nearly long enough - so why not encourage them to enjoy it while it lasts? These are photos you'll acutally want to look at 20 - 0r 30 - years later instead of hiding them away in a drawer."

Photo source: Stomping Ground
Photo source: Stomping Ground
Photo source: Stomping Ground


Unknown said...

This is great Sarah! So many of the traditional school photos are so bad and need retakes for unhappy parents or funny weird smiles. I think this would be so fantastic if it was offered!

Koo and Poppet said...

Hi Andrea,
I know! why does all the cool stuff ALWAYS have to be in New York, right?

kelsey kleiman said...

Thanks for writing about us.
We could be in Vancouver....just need the photographers there that are lighting masters, have great instincts from years of editorial experience, love and listen to kids and can handle the intensity of shooting for 6 hours straight!. Send recos our way....
Adorable bunnies!