Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Koo & Poppet scarves in hi-def

Better photos, as promised!

My little love was a most cooperative model this time. I said to her, "Sadie, would you wear a scarf and we'll go outside and Mommy will take your picture?" Usually she would have responded with a polite but firm "NO THANK YOU", but instead she said "okAAAYYY!"
As long as I show her the resulting photo on the camera afterward, she's all good. Except she touches it like it's a touch screen (ipone over-exposure) and doesn't understand why you can't browse through the pictures with a sweep of your finger :-)

Gingham, polka dots, and sailboats

Filigree and woodland critters

Modern dots

a colourful stack

This is the moment on ANTM "panel" when TBanks says:

"It's all about the garment. You're really selling the scarf."

And Andre Leon Talley says:

"And yet, there's still a connection with your eyes and the audience. It's like you're looking into our souls."

And Miss Jay says:

"I don't know. This isn't working for me. I love the dimples, but there's something awkward about the tongue."


SeaBlush said...

Haha! Love that last top model photo. And awesome scarves :)

lexylou said...

Bahaha, Miss Jay would say that...
Love all the new scarf design's!