Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning has broken....and is unfixable


#2: We live about an hour (on a good day) outside of Victoria, where Scott and I both work. Sometimes it takes us 2 hours to commute one way!! I know, it makes me feel sick too.

THUS, I am forced to drag myself out of bed at a heinous hour. An hour in which the land is still dark, no neighbourly porchlights have yet been turned on, no cheerful birdsong has broken the silence. Do you know of this painful hour? Probably not, because, civilized person that you are, you wake up when it is clearly morning, and not when it is STILL NIGHT.

After snoozing my alarm clock for about 40 minutes, I stuggle out of bed and into the shower, where I pretty much continue to sleep. Believe you me, I think the following thought nearly every morning: "I can't wait until bedtime tonight."

Meanwhile, Scott gets Sadie fed and dressed and into the car, bless his patient soul. I try to plan ahead what I'm going to wear but inevitably end up standing in front of my closet staring into space (my friend has coined a term for this early morning expression: "Sock face"). I've written about this topic before, kind of. You can read more about it here.

The coffee's brewing. The clock is ticking. The car is running.

I run through my final checklist:

- teeth brushed

- coffee/coffee-maker off

- Sadie's bag

- coat

- shoes

- 15 lb purse

- lights off

- lock door

Then we begin the drive over the Malahat, through Goldstream Park, and eventually come to a stop when we hit the suburbs of Victoria. Here we inch along in a sea of red brake lights. Here I put my make-up on. Here Sadie starts to lose it in the backseat. I don't blame her. There comes a point when you cannot tolerate a 5-point harness any longer.

Eventually the bottleneck works itself out and we sail into town. This was the view of that part of the drive this morning:

If this looks early to you, remember that I had already been up for nearly 2 hours when this was taken!! I muster the strength to appreciate the sunrise.

That, my friends, is my morning tale. TGIF - maybe I'll get to sleep in tomorrow....


A Colour a Day said...

Two words that will help you in the morning:
1) Colour 2) Club

Mama in the City said...

I hear you about thinking about going to bed, getting up early sucks! I don't know how you do such a big commute each and ever day.
When I get up for work, the clock strikes 6 AM. I spend about 45 minutes sipping coffee and getting dressed before I walk to work. Luckily my outfit is kept at work in the form of a pair of hospital scrubs and so I just need to throw on some jeans or comfy clothing. I still think about heading back to bed the whole entire morning process. By 715 AM I am at work and have started my day.
Yeah for Friday! Hope you have a nice easy morning tomorrow.

martienn said...

amazing ;)

if you want follow me <3


Holy horror.

Walter Helena Photography said...

Oh honey. Your sense of humour will get you through anything. That's the joy of being a woman with a light heart.

Time to work home a couple days a week...?


tera said...

I hear ya...I get up at 430 which just seems ungodly early. But I don't have the horrendous commute you do, mine's only 20 minutes or so. I just work really early!
Kinda sad that I look forward to the weekends just so I can sleep in!

SeaBlush said...

Oh Sarah, I have no idea how you do it. That would be next to impossible for me. AWESOME Hallowe'en themed title!