Saturday, August 28, 2010

The last beach day

Could this have been our last summer day at the beach this year?
We've been on holidays for a week and on Thursday we day-tripped to Hornby Island. These photos were taken at Tribune Bay Beach. On a sunny day, the water is turquoise and the sand is white and you have to be careful not to step on sand dollars as you wade into the sea.
But this day was cloudy and cool. I don't know about where you live, but here on the west coast the unmistakable feeling of Fall has arrived.

Today we galavanted to a local Fall Fair in the country, complete with vintage tractors, fresh fudge and a litter of piglets (mama pig was the size of a loveseat! I was NOT aware they got so big...)

Here are a few things Sadie loved about the fair:
- sitting bareback on 'Jackson', a miniature pony
- sharing a banana nutella crepe with me
- carrying around a pink balloon

Here a few things Sadie did not love about the fair:
- the operator of a merry-go round kiddie ride (who had to stop it to let the screaming child off. that would be Sadie.)
- the neon bracelet all fair-goers were required to wear ("NO! DON'T WANT THAT!!").
- the fact that she was not allowed to sit on "Bessie", a cow with a head the size of a volkswagen.

I think she mostly loved it though....

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Unknown said...

It is amazingly sad when our summer comes to an end. It such a fantastic time of the year to live here. I already can feel the crispness each morning. Even if the sun is shining there is a need to tote around a sweater...just in case.
Love the photography.