Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home, and a weekend anthem

I spent an unforgettable weekend on a boat on Sproat Lake and this evening I'm home to my house, home to my family, home to my life as I know it.

But there was another kind of homecoming this weekend on the lake; in the sun, in the song, in irreplaceable company of women I've known since we were girls.

Moats and boats and waterfalls/
Alley-ways and pay phone calls/
I've been everywhere with you/

We laugh until we think we'll die/
Barefoot on a summer night/
Nothin' new is sweeter than with you/

Ahh home, let me go home/
Home is wherever I'm with you

Home is wherever I'm with you.


SeaBlush said...

Sounds awesome. Thanks for posting that song :)

Koo and Poppet said...

It's my current fave!