Sunday, January 3, 2010

Opinions please, my friends

Welcome back everyone!

I feel as if there is so much to write about this month. Resolution, inspiration, renovation, tales of travel, tales of excessive holiday chocolate consumption.....

I mean to get to all of it, but for tonight I will simply put it to a vote:

I am working on the 2010 Koo & Poppet kollection, and I would like to know: of the five japanese fabrics featured below (all from karaku's etsy shop) which THREE would you like to see adorning the tummies of three friendly misfit creatures?

Polka dots





I'm very grateful for your input, thanks!


Unknown said...

Polka Dots

Can't wait to see what fun creatures you roll out for 2010.

Manda - Handmade with Love said...

Happy new year!

I like Polka Dots, Paris & Trees (if the creature is a forest kind) otherwise, Stawberries

I will be watching out for them!

Anonymous said...

Polka Dots looks "Koo like" but I'd love to see: Strawberries, Trees & Paris.
Just my Eastern opinion..
P.S. Maybe I'll ask the kids

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant to say "vines, not trees"
But the kids selections were as follows:
Carter picked trees & strawberries
Malorie picked "apples" aka vines

Love Cousin Carter & Malorie

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Polka dots

lexylou said...

Paris paris PARIS!
I also think the polka dots are just so cute, especially the way my daughter says them, polker knots...

Shirley said...

Wow, I can't even choose! I think the polka dots are very Koo and Poppet, but I think any of the others would sell well. I really like the soft strawberries, and of course anything Parisian! : )

Happy New Year, Sarah! I wanted to thank YOU so very much for your kind visits and all of your help and insight last year. I know this will be YOUR year! All the best to you and your family and I hope that K&P surpasses your wildest dreams.

Therese said...

Polka Dots

Happy stuffing, sewing and stitching :)

Sissi said...

Polka dots, vines, strawberries. Polkas are most "you", I'd say.

lucky_14 said...

polka dots

Koo and Poppet said...

Thank you so so much for your votes everyone!
I really took them all into consideration. At the end of the day, I went with Polka dots (a clear fave), vines and strawberries (and one or two other surprise fabrics that were just too cute to pass up!)

Anonymous said...

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