Thursday, January 7, 2010

New friends, new beginnings

Ingrid, Pilar, Sienna and Finnley are the new year's first additions to Klub Koo!
Some are more excited about it than others :-)

So I guess this will be my Ringing In The New Year post, or at least, as close as I will come to one. Let's see.....I don't think I'll re-hash all the happenings of 2009, nor will I set unattainable goals for 2010 (let's face it - I might just have to learn to live with my "kangaroo pouch"). Rather, I will say this:

In 2010,

I hope to be more:

patient with all people and things; my family, my dog, my computer, bad drivers.
organized. My new home office will include the following designated spaces: CUTTING, SEWING, SHIPPING, ADMINISTRATION, STORAGE. Let it be known that I WILL NOT AGAIN LOOSE TRACK OF EVEN ONE SEWING NEEDLE
handy around the house. I usually leave all the manual labour to my husband, but there is no reason why I can't do some jobs myself. Yesterday I removed some old metal brackets from the wall with a screwdriver and changed a lightbulb. Don't laugh - I know there are others out there like me.

I hope to be less:

wasteful. I'm pretty good as it is, but there is always a way to use less.
tardy. I have had problems with punctuality since grade two, and it's something I really wish to change. Also, I always have too many bags with me. You'd think I could put everything I need in one big bag, but instead I wind up walking from the car to the house with a purse, a diaper bag, a shopping bag, and a bag filled with miscellany. Inevitably, at least one pinky finger has nearly been amputated by the time I reach the front door.
of a consumer. Of this, I am truly guilty. I love to shop, and sometimes I shop impulsively. This year, I will only buy what I need (which rules out a lot of the things I love, like shoes).

I hope to do more:

writing. I used to write a lot. Since Sadie was born I've kept a journal of letters to her, but my entries are infrequent. So are the occasions when I actually sit down at my computer and really write something here on this blog.
painting. I used to paint a lot. I used to become frustrated when I was painting if something wasn't working out the way I wanted it to. try a little of that patience.
running. I have a love-hate relationship with running. I dread it like the plague, but I feel so good afterwards. And a little more time to myself might be kind of nice.

I hope to do less:

worrying, especially about things that are out of my control.
procrastinating. Seriously, a girl can only organize her closet so many times.
snoozing, as in snooze button. I want to train myself to become a morning person, FINALLY. I love mornings! I would love to wake up early, go for a run without procrastinating, resist the urge to consume a latte from the coffee shop (but if I did I would be sure to use my own mug and not a paper one), arrive home at the time I said I would be home, fix a leaky tap before sitting down to paint something that goes terribly wrong but I wouldn't get mad about it. And then I would write about it all on this blog without worrying about my grammar.

Oh, and there are lots of other things I hope to be and do in 2010. For updates on the progress, you know where to find me ;)

What do you hope to do more or less of this year? What will you be? What won't you be?


SeaBlush said...

Hi Sarah,

What an open and inspiring post. I hope to be more productive, and less afraid, to do more exercising and less eating from the chocolate and bread group.
Happy New Year from me and Eric!

Koo and Poppet said...

Thanks Jenn! I can relate to all of your goals too!
congrats again on the engagement...when's the big day?

andrea said...

i loved the comment about the kangaroo pouch, because i have one too! i have a video of pilar walking with milly, she's finally walking! i'll try to get it on her blog soon, her lonely forgotten blog. looks like your holidays were great! let me know when you are coming to van! hugs!