Saturday, January 30, 2010

Change is good!

Hi eVeRyOnE!

Introducing the new masthead. Is it too big? Too busy? Too in your face?

It's just that the old one was created slightly hastily; meant for temporary use only, and well, it's almost been a year.

I'm working on new print media for K&P this month and I thought I might as well update the blog graphics as well.

Here is permuation #2:
and #3:
I want to keep it simple and fresh, but also representative of the style and personality of all those Koos, all those Poppets. Who is who anyway? Even I don't know!


Cate said...

I love it! It's great to see all those cute little fellas all big and bold.

Pacifier said...

No, not too big! Nice to see the different sizes in one pic. I like #2 because the name is easier to read and "grounds" the little guys well. Something bewtween the two maybe?

Koo and Poppet said...

Thanks for the input! great suggestions, I think it's still a work in progress...