Saturday, October 31, 2009

Science Project: A Koo & Poppet Mobile

My very sweet friend Ainsley is less than one month away from giving birth to her first baby. She and her husband put in a special request for a Koo & Poppet mobile, and here is the result:
photo: Ainsley Roberts

A mobile, no problem, I thought. Well, remember learning about fulcrum points in eleventh grade physics? Apparently I don't either. I'm very much the type of person who goes "Yes, a mobile, no problem. Two birds, two bunnies, and bear hanging from strings on a wooden dowel. Easy." 

Enter the laws of balance.
Recall that bears, bunnies and birds all have different weights. Ohhhhhhh.......
Recall that husband is kind of adept at solving these types of issues........
Recall that a short while ago I scoffed at his offer to help......

Swallow pride and politely ask if, perhaps, I could have his assistance afterall?
Efficiency quotient suddenly skyrocketing......(not without a few sharply-toned words exchanged, however: "NO, THIS IS THE HEAVIER BUNNY!")

But really, I am so very lucky to have a husband whose problem-solving skills and general mental processings are drastically different from my own. I'd jump into a pile of leaves without hesitation, and deal with the dog poop I've landed in once I'm in there. Scott, on the other hand would draw up a site plan, mow the lawn, rake a tidy pile of clean leaves to a clear patch of grass, build a fence around it, put on rubber boots, and then and only then, would he consider traipsing through them. You should see the guy carve a pumpkin - it's like a laser cutter! Or just last week, when our dog chewed the corners of Sadie's favourite book, I Am a Bunny, Scott cleanly cut the corners off at 45 degree angles and, wouldn't you know, good as new. I'm fascinated with his effortless fix jobs. I would have been out buying a new copy. But that's just me.

Anyway, I hope Ainsley's little one enjoys looking up at this mobile while subtly learning about scientific principles, not to mention the value of a team effort.

Happy Halloween to all the little ghosties and goblins out there!


Kristine said...

Your fulcrum point diagrams made me smile. Mobiles are impossibly hard to get right and I remember struggling with it the one and only time I made a mobile. But your finished product looks perfect and well worth the stress I dare say.

Koo and Poppet said...

Thank you Kristine!
there came a point where I thought I was in over my was a lesson in patience - not to mention trial and error!

Shirley said...

What an awesome team you three make. It is so great to hear that your creative endeavors are supported by such a great partner. Love the mobile!! What a super idea. This may be your next branch at the Etsy shop! : )