Thursday, August 13, 2009


This week has been full of travels for several residents of the Meadow of Misfits. 
Rebecca and Izzy are off to California and will be parting ways with each other there. One has been adopted by a six-month old, and the other, a two year old. Though she's not one to take tranquilizers, Rebecca is scared stiff for her first airborne experience and has taken to horizontal relaxation exercises to calm her nerves. They are both hoping that the cargo hold is as well-appointed as it sounds. Izzy prefers to spell it Cargot H'olde.
AND Cristi, the consolation round winner of my giveaway last month, wrote a wonderful post about Beru's arrival in her Oklahoma home. Here's one of her photos, but you can see the whole lot over at her charming blog, Felix & Jayne.
Finally, here is Lewis, keeping watch over the sweet and sleepy Amir-Ali in Vancouver (maybe Lewis is fending off the poltergeist that appears to be on the haunt in this photo.....kidding, it's taken with a camera phone and don't worry Amir-Ali, there are no ghosties in your room):
Thank you to Ada, Cristi and Ros for taking photos of these K & P creatures in their new homes and en route. It puts a smile on my face to see them and I honestly never would have thought at the beginning of all this, when I decided to make a bunny out of some wool, that these little misfits would be traveling to distant places, becoming companions to children and adults who are otherwise strangers to me. 

So here's to not being strangers, and owing it to misfits.