Tuesday, June 23, 2009


One of my dearest friends, Roxanne, is getting married in August. We celebrated with a Parisian-themed bridal shower on Father's Day, complete with small dogs (Barclay, Montana and Maddy who donned cable-knit), haute couture and french toast with a twist!

Seven years ago Rox and I were backpacking in Europe and eating banana-nutella crepes was part of our daily routine in France (actually, in every country - who am I kidding). Come to think of it, I believe we once stooped so low that we bought a jar of nutella from a grocery store. A jar of nutella and a spoon, that is. 

But that's besides the point. We are much classier now.

To pay homage to our favourite Parisian snack, while keeping it appropriate to serve at a bridal shower, I came up with a most delicious alternative. I made some french toast, cut it into small square pieces and topped them with a smear of nutella and a slice of banana. Then poked a toothpick through the trio and, voila! Bite-size bliss. You really have to try it.
(There's a photo halfway down the page...)

So cute. 


Beth Howard said...

I want to steal that food SO MUCH. lol


I am so proud of you Sarita - That looks like a great party. Martha is jealous I can tell.