Monday, May 11, 2009

A bee for Baker

Here is the latest XL Creature! He is on his way to 8-month-old Baker very soon. This guy was inspired by the first XL Creature that was made for Bailey on her first birthday, and also featured a bumble bee bottom.

I've only been referring to these as XL Creatures because I haven't thought of a better name. They're bigger than the Odd Bunnies and Black Bears, so XL makes sense, but really, I think they should have a more interesting name. Perhaps they are a species all their own. Any suggestions?



So cute ! Saritaaaaaa

Ariel said...

Sarah, you are so sweet to stop by my blog and leave a kind word! I have enjoyed gazing at your little cuties! The black bear on etsy is my current favorite!

Unknown said...

How do I get something similar made for my boy Ben's upcoming 1st birthday? Let me know! I love your work!