Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pills to swallow and the April report

Uh oh. I can't believe it's been a month since I've written anything. Is anyone still out there?

You would think that now that I'm done work and am home full time with Sadie, there would be more time to blog and sew and paint and do all the things I planned on doing. But I haven't even started doing my taxes yet.

Well I guess the best thing to do would be a monthly re-cap.
On St. Patrick's day I was on my way to a site visit with my colleague and my cell phone rang. It was my doctor's office calling. The receptionist said I needed to come in right away and that there were a few issues on my 18 week ultrasound. I asked what kind of issues. She said that "things are just looking really thin down there. Also, you are done work as of today."
So I scrapped the site visit and was in the doctor's office by 1:00. The problem is that the scar from my C-Section with Sadie is very thin and they are not sure whether or not I will be able to carry this baby to term. So I was taken off work and told to take it as easy as possible and we'll just see how everything goes. There is a real possibility that the baby could be born very early!
Here is a photo at 24 weeks...

Then, amidst all this pregnancy stuff, we lost a beloved member of our household.
A few weeks ago, we suddenly noticed that our cat had lost a pile of weight. Then she pretty much stopped eating altogether. I took the poor girl in for a check-up and she wound up overnight in the animal hospital hooked up to an IV. CHA-CHING. They ran some tests but couldn't come up with a diagnosis. CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING. She was dying of an undetermined illness.
A couple hundred bucks, we figured - even without any firm answers.
Think again. Here is our vet bill:
(Allow me to choke on the pint of ice cream I am elbow deep in)

So we were sent packing with that pill to swallow as well as a bunch of white ones for the cat to swallow. Shaaa, RIGHT. Who has ever known a cat who will voluntarily take a little white antibiotic? So the experimentation began. At 11:00 one night, I heard Scott in the kitchen with what sounded like a power tool:

The assortment of scraps you see in this photo include ham, cheerios, white pills and cat treats. Nothing was working so he actually cut a cat treat in half, drilled a shallow pit in each side, and planted the pill flush inside the hole. How he accomplished this with such expert precision is a mystery to me. Then he stuck the two halves back together with some water and a couple of minutes in the freezer. I don't think we should try to cross the border with these anytime soon.
Yes I know.
You are speechless.
So was I.

Have You Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?

Did this experimental method work?

What do you think?

Of course not.

Someway, somehow Val still knew her meds were in there.

So poor kitty was running out of options to recover from whatever was ailing her. Could have been an infection, could have been thyroid problems, could have been cancer.
We gave her all the attention she could get in her last few days and when her eyesight started to fail, we knew it was time to let her go. We had to put her down on Saturday morning. It was so so sad. I miss her so much. Sadie said to me this morning: "You miss the kitty mommy?""Yes", I said. "Don't worry mommy, Daddy go and get her and bring her home to you." Gulp.

(Valentino in her kittenhood)

In Koo & Poppet news, I've shut down the etsy shop temporarily until after the baby is born. But I did squeak in a few last orders, like this "T" tulip pillow and a new piggy named Zoe:

And then of course, there are the on-going home improvements.....here is the current state of the family room....one more week to go:

And one of a little "Rapunzel" (her favourite) for good measure:

And now, while my Rapunzel is still a Sleeping Beauty, I shall have more ice cream....


SeaBlush said...

Hi Sarah, I was wondering if you were ok! I am really sorry to hear about your cat. That is so sad :( I just took my cat to the vet for some regular vaccinations and then they gave me this news: she has a heart murmur. That was a shock. At least it is a very mild one. Sigh. The vet recommended an ultrasound at a whopping $500 to make sure it's not the beginning of congenital heart disease. Cha ching for sure.

Walter Helena Photography said...

Oh honey. I'm so sorry...

I had to put my ten-year-old cat down just this past Wednesday. You and I were sharing tearful moments across the pond without even realizing it.

Take care of your uterus, your sweet girl, your so-handy man (very impressed with his pill methods) and Coco. You do so much for those around you. Your cat was so fortunate to have a mommy in you.

You are in my thoughts.


lucky_14 said...

hey missy.
so great to hear from you.
but so sad about your cat.
and i'll keep my fingers crossed that you're able to carry to term.
also, your husband might be the sweetest man ever. i love the extent he went to to get your cat to take her meds.
take care. sending happy, healthy thoughts.

Unknown said...

so sorry about your puddy tat... never an easy thing.. boy was she a cute kitten! may your wee baby just stay put .. sending good vibes!
Cheers , Helen

Koo and Poppet said...

thanks so much for all the kind words :)

Deb said...

Drug addicts everywhere are wondering "why didn't I think of that!"