Monday, May 31, 2010

A squirrel for Sullivan: the making of a Koo & Poppet pillow

I made this pillow for 5 month old Sullivan. It's the latest addition to his Koo & Poppet collection - he was also the recipient of this mobile.....remember my lesson in physics? Live and learn people, live and learn.
Oh woodland critters - I can't get enough of you!

p.s. if anyone is wondering what the cheap n' easy trick is to appliquéing with stretchy fabrics, it's freezer paper.
Place appliqué against shiny side of freezer paper, flip the whole thing over and iron on the non-sticky side of paper to hold the two pieces together temporarily. Sew to fabric as you would any appliqué (as in the first photo). You can remove the freezer paper by spritzing water along the line of stitching and then carefully cutting a whole in the back of the fabric underneath the appliqué. Then you can easily pull out the freezer paper, voila!


Kristin said...

Oh your squirrel is sooo cute. I tried to draw a squirrel for a projects similar to this a while ago and just could NOT get it. :) But I love your little guy. :)

Hello Lover... said...

I'm new here. loving your blog and your work! You're daughter is absolutely adorable!

Koo and Poppet said...

thanks for the kind words girls!