Sunday, January 10, 2010

Featured Artist: Naoko Stoop

I thought I'd add a new segment to the blog this year. Every so often I'll feature artists whom I've stumbled upon via the web. I've marked so many as favourites on Etsy to be revisited later, and this is a perfect way to ensure I do so.

The first featured artist is Naoko Stoop who was born in Tokyo but illustrates from her home in Brooklyn, New York. She writes on her website: "My artwork comes from the everyday life in my neighborhood....Most of the materials I use are from the neighborhood...Since I was little, I was fascinated with creating things on used paper....'brown paper bag collection' came from this fascination. I use used and folded brown paper bags as my canvas....Drawing living things is central to my exploration of life. Combining this with painting, collage and printmaking, I am trying to create images that project the beauty in life."

I think her work can be enjoyed by both children and adults, and several of the pieces would complement each other in triptych form. I imagine them looking beautiful in a gender-neutral woodland nursery....but then, I'm biased!

I've always believed that working with collage requires a kind of deliberate sentiment, if that makes any sense, though I'm not sure it does. Nonetheless, there is a certain something in the quality of her work that convinces me she must be a sincere and gentle person, and who doesn't love one of those?

Visit her website here to see more

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